• The Bear Band Serenade (with Henry, Original Show)
  • Devilish Mary (Zeke as the soloist, uncut version of Original Show)
  • Ole Slew Foot (entire cast, Original Show)
  • The Great Outdoors (with Henry, Vacation Hoedown)
  • Rocky Top (Vacation Hoedown)
  • Ghost Riders In the Sky (Vacation Hoedown)
  • Thank God I'm a Country Bear (with entire cast, Vacation Hoedown)
  • Tracks in the Snow (with Henry, Christmas Special)
  • Hungry as a Bear (with Ernest, Christmas Special)
  • Let It Snow/Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer/Winter Wonderland (with entire cast, Christmas Special)
More About Zeb
Zeb is a brown bear with a light brown stomach. He plays the fiddle as well as wears a bandanna around his neck and a derby hat. Zeb’s son Oscar sits on the right corner of the stage with his teddy bear. Oscar is on tour with the bears while his Mom is modeling fur coats!

Behind the Bear
Zeb is voiced by a member of the Stoneman family. In Vacation Hoedown and Christmas Special, he is voiced by Curt Wilson (speaking) Rod Burton (singing).