Liver Lips McGrowl

Liver Lips

  • My Woman Ain’t Pretty But She Don’t Swear None (Original Show)
  • Ole Slew Foot (entire cast, Original Show)
  • We Can Make It To the Top (Vacation Hoedown)
  • Thank God I'm a Country Bear (with entire cast, Vacation Hoedown)
  • Rock and Roll Santa (with Gomer, Christmas Special)
  • Let It Snow/Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer/Winter Wonderland ( with entire cast, Christmas Special)
More About Liver Lips
Liver Lips is famous in radio, TV, Night Clubs and the circus. In the original version of the show, Liver Lips sings “My Woman Ain’t Pretty”, originally performed by Tex Ritter. Not only is he the father of comedian/actor John Ritter, but he also performs “Blood on the Saddle” as Big Al, later in the show. The initial introduction of this goofy looking bear, singing sincere and quietly humorous lyrics usually gets a chuckle from the audience. Since Florida's 2012 refurbishment, he is a grayish colored bear with a mop of brown hair. In the California version however, he is completely brown, with a thick brown pompadour. Although he is an understated, modest bear in the original version, in the Vacation and Holiday overlays he is anything but. He inexplicably appears as a bear version of Elvis complete with loud jewelry and white leather jumpsuit, singing Elvis-style rock songs. He has not, however, lost his signature pouty “liver lips”. 

Behind the Bear
He is voiced by Jimmy Stoneman. In Vacation and Christmas Special, he is voiced by Dave Durham.