Teddi Barra

Swingin' Teddi Barra

  • Heart, We Did All That We Could (Original Show)
  • Ole Slew Foot (with entire cast, Original Show)
  • Singin' In the Rain (with Henry, Vacation Hoedown)
  • Thank God I'm a Country Bear (with cast, Vacation Hoedown)
  • The Christmas Song (with Henry, Christmas Special)
  • Let It Snow/Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer/Winter Wonderland (with entire cast, Christmas Special)
More About Teddi Barra
Teddi Barra’s career in the theater began after she was discovered sitting on a soda fountain stool of an ice cream parlor. This is likely based on the real life story of MGM star Lana Turner, who was also “discovered” in a malt shop in 1936, launching her 50 year career.

Teddi descends from a flower in the ceiling on her swing and is never seen on the stage itself. It is insinuated that Teddi has a romance with Henry as he ascends back into the ceiling he calls out “Soon I find a ladder, I’ll be Right up”. Henry also joins in a duet of “Singin’ in the Rain” with Teddi in the Vacation Hoedown.

Teddi is likely modeled after Evelyn Nesbit, Vaudeville Era entertainer known as “The Girl on the Red Velvet Swing”.

Behind the Bear
Teddi is voiced by Patsy Stoneman. In the Vacation Hoedown and Christmas special, she is voiced by Genia Fuller