Trixie St. Claire

Trixie, The Calgary Charmer, Alaska Allurer, Vancouver Vamp, Bewitcher of British Columbia, Tacoma Temptress, A Little Bit of Ever-Lovin’ Cuddlesome Fluff

  • Tears Will Be the Chaser For Your Wine (Original Show)
  • Ole Slew Foot (entire cast, Original Show)
  • Life's No Picnic Without You (Vacation Hoedown)
  • Thank God I’m a Country Bear (with entire cast, Vacation Hoedown)
  • The Hibernating Blues (Christmas Special)
More About Trixie
Cheers to Trixie! A veteran music hall main attraction. How has Trixie held up that same glass of wine without spilling for all these years? It’s just one of her many “Trix”. Trixie is a light/golden brown bear, slightly oversized compared to the other bears. In the original version, she appears with a blue bow in her hair and a blue tu-tu.

In the original version of the show, before much of the chatter was cut, the following banter took place:
Henry: “Beautiful, beautiful. That was a mighty big song Trixie.”
Trixie: “Oh thank ya’ Henry (giggles)”
Buff : “That sure ain’t all that’s big”
Max : “Well, you’re no lightweight yourself Buff.”
Henry: “Boys, boys, watch your manners.”
Melvin: “Yeah, if you can’t say somethin’ nice…”
Henry: “Now boys, boys, ok now boys if you just stop carrying on like, we just might dedicate this next song to ya’ll. And we so dedicate...”

In all three versions of the show, Trixie sings blues songs about her miss-adventures in romance. The original version is a bit more somber compared to those in the Vacation and Christmas overlays, which are a bit more cartoonish. In the Vacation hoedown, Trixie is dressed in full picnic attire, and standing on a blanket while singing a more bold, brazen number, the pun-titled “Life’s No Picnic Without You”.

In the Christmas overlay, Trixie sings “Hibernatin’ Blues”, about the woes of bear life when your partner is hibernating for the winter. This won’t keep Trixie down; just after the song, she invites Henry to join her under the mistletoe. Clearly, even 50 years of the blues have not kept Trixie down.

Behind the Bear
Trixie is voiced by Cheryl Poole.
In vacation hoedown and Christmas special, she's voiced by Suzanne Sherwin.